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Eco Dinner Candles

These eco, fair trade dinner candles are hand poured in Indonesia. They are non drip and will burn for up to eight hours with a tall, clean flame. They are available in orange, pink or cream. Light up your home with these beautiful candles £12 for a box of 6 candles These candles fit our powder coated candle platters/holders


Material: 100% Stearin Wax Dimensions: 24.5cm tall

Cement Heart Tray

We liked the look of this rough luxe cement tray with it's rustic and raw finish - very much on trend.  It's a nice size - neither too big or too small - it can be used for many things - think candle plate, or fill it with clementines, chocolate coins or pot pourri - perfect for any of these ideas! Dimensions: 17.5cms x 18.5 x 3.5cms Material: Cement Price: £10  

Cement Star Tray

We liked the look of this rough luxe cement tray with it's rustic and raw finish - very much on trend.  It's a nice size - neither too big or too small - so it can be used for many things - think candle plate, or fill it with clementines, chocolate coins or pot pourri - perfect for any of these ideas! Dimensions: 20cms x 3.5cms Material: Cement Price: £10  

Flickering Flameless LED Candle

Wax coated LED flickering, flameless candle with timer.  This will add a wonderful glow to your home with the same flickering that a wax candle will give and looks very natural. A great way to add a candle lit atmosphere without the need to supervise for safety. Batteries required/not supplied. Material: Plastic/Wax Dimensions: 20cms    

Leafy Lanterns Tea Light Holders

A beautiful assortment of glass hanging lanterns complete with a leaf design print on each one. Fill with t-lights or fairy lights to create a warm inviting glow outside or in. £6 each Material: Glass

Nod to Nature Glass T-Light Holders

A collection of frosted glass t-light holders with tree and dandelion clock patterns. The designs are etched inside in a glossy silver so when they are lit, the t-light reflects inside and out. Available in brown and green, they cost £3 for one holder Material: Glass Dimensions:  7 x 8.5 cm

Oval Metal Candle Platter

This is the oval version of our much admired candle platters.  They’re handmade powder coated steel and have an easy, wipe clean finish.  Suitable for dinner or taper candles and this version will hold four.  Candles are sold separately. Material:  Powder coated steel Dimensions: 33cm x 12cm x 4 cm    

Round Metal Candle Platter

This wipe clean, powder coated steel candle platter is handmade and a lovely quality. It has three metal cups which hold either dinner or taper candles. Perfect for indoors or in the garden. Candles are sold separately. This beautiful candle holder is available in aquamarine or sage Material: Powder coated steel Dimensions: 20cm

Set of 3 Frosted T-Light Holders

Frosted t-light holders with rose gold coloured metal autumn leaves held in place with metallic thread. Create a cozy, warm glow from these attractive little pots. Materials Glass 3" H x 2 3/4" Dia

Set of Hand Blown Coloured Glass T-light Holders

These mini hand made t-light holders are made by skilled artisans and no two are exactly alike. There are tiny air bubbles in the glass which create a light bubbly effect which enhance the appearance of this range. Perfect on the table inside or out, either way adding charm to a relaxed atmosphere.  These will complement each other perfectly and give a wonderful light. The set contains maroon, cobalt, charcoal and green glass holders £16 for the set Material: Glass

Silver textured t-light holder

A silvered t – light holder with a vintage effect finish and ornate silver metal trim. Perfect for creating some old world romance at home or parties and events This beautful light comes in two sizes, either 10 x 8.5cm or 8.5 x 7cm Materials: Glass

Silver Tree Silhouette T light Holders

These gorgeous T light holders are not just for Christmas – they look great all year round. They are silvered inside and frosted glass on the outside so that when you pop the t-light in and light it, the whole thing lights up giving a shimmering, beautiful glow. They come in small, medium or large. Materials: Glass

Trio of Enamel Trays

In glorious jewel tones with gold accents, this trio of assorted metal plates makes a stunning addition to any home.  They would make beautiful candle plates, or use the larger of the three to carry prosecco or any welcome drinks to your guests.  You won't be stuck for ideas - they'll look lovely wherever they are. Measurements: 1.  Square purple & gold 'eye print' plate - 21 x 21 cm 2.  Oblong turquoise and gold plate - 21 x 10.5 cm 3.  Round peacock print plate - 10.5 cm Price  £18.00  

Trio of Zinc Trays

A set of three handsome crown shaped trays, with a soft grey washed finish, so they will look great wherever you choose to sit them.  Use them for drinks, bottle coaster, or candles - a versatile little trio!

Cement T-Light Set with Star

Perfect for a contemporary home, these cement T-light holders are stylish and simple - you could even have a small pot plant in them if you fancy!  A lovely gift or a treat for yourself. Material:  Cement Size:          L 12cms  S 8cms Price:        £15.00 the set

Ceramic Heart White Candle Pot

What a cutie!  These quirky little heart pots are filled with a vanilla scent and just the loveliest things - they look and smell divine. A gorgeous gift or one to keep. Measurements:  8cm Material:  Ceramic Price:  £12

Ceramic Heart White Vase

Another addition to this range, this pretty little vase is perfect for cuttings from the garden or as a pen pot!  It has a 'big brother' at 22cms which you can find separately listed.  Truly, a lovely collection - perfect for gifting (or not!) Measurements:  11cm Material:  Ceramic Price:  £12

Ceramic Humidifier with Fan design

This super-stylish aroma lamp with attractive fan design, will become your favourite thing, because if you gift it you'll be loved for it and if you have one for your own home it will be much admired by you and by everyone!  So, you can't lose! It has a remote control and comes in a gift box too. Measurement:  20cms Material:  Ceramic Price:  £37.00

Citrus Flower Vase/T-Light Set

A fresh, springtime mix of vases or t-light holders - however you wish to use them.  They are made of glass with a pretty flower pattern in these three colours and sold as a set. Measurements:  11 x 9.5cm Material:  Glass

Scandi Style Candle On A Stand

These lovely candles pots have a simple Scandi feel to them - with a speckled glaze and sitting in a natural wood stand, they are filled with a delightfully fresh fragranced wax. Perfect for any home or space with a neutral tone.   Measurements:  12 x 12 cms Sold individually.

Silver Mosaic Aroma Lamp

This attractive electric wax melt burner can also be used as an oil burner.  It is a beautifully decorated lamp which when plugged in, lights up to give a warm, gentle glow.  Full instructions are enclosed to ensure safe operation. Measurement:  15cms Material:  Mosaic/Glass Price:  £29.00

Solar Starburst Stake Lights

These Solar Starburst lights are just fabulous!  They literally fill your garden with bursts of light.  You can pop them into a pot singly for gentle effect, or you can stake them directly into the ground in groups or swathes for a more impactful look.  Either way, you'll love them....and they get their energy from nature....perfect They like to be where the solar panel will catch the sunlight during the day and in the evening they will come to life.  Their best performance will be in Spring/Summer season.  They will still operate in Autumn/Winter months however due to less sunshine during these months, they may only light up for 1-2 hours and/or may seem weaker.  (This is not a product fault) Additional info: 90 warm white LED's Total height:  111cms Illuminated diameter:  28cms

White Ceramic Lanterns with Star or Heart cut out

These little lanterns are just lovely. Simply white with a metal handle and  a star or heart  cut out. They’ll look great in the garden or in the house with a t-light to set of a warm white glow £4.50 each Material: Ceramic Dimensions:  9cm